JL Cook, sculptorJ. L. Cook is an accomplished sculptor with twenty years experience working for the toy and giftware industries. Her clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, Waterford crystal, and the Franklin Mint. Recent works range from miniatures and jewelry design, to large-scale architectural sculpture. She is skilled in a wide variety of production and molding processes, concept and scaled drawings, finished clay, bronze casting and cast stone production. She graduated at the top of her class from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she began her studies in anatomy, drawing, sculpting, and Art History, which she continues to this day to increase her skills and range. Her work is meticulously crafted, with a keen attention to finish, technique and both period and anatomical accuracy.

Prior collaborative works with several cast stone companies include the restoration of the terracotta details of the Callaway Building designed by architect Henry Hornbostel on Emory University’s Campus, sculpted angels and bronze castings for the John Paul II Eucharistic Center in Hanceville, Alabama, and several series of bas reliefs created for both private residences and public universities. Recently returning to her first artistic endeavor, illustration, she was selected to design the artworks for Accio 2008, an Academic Harry Potter fan conference in Oxford, England. Her artwork can now also be found in books in many of the major universities on three continents.

Her latest endeavors include the ephemeral arts of sand sculpting and 3D pumpkin carving, embracing the paradox of using sculpture, an art-form that often withstands centuries, in a medium that may not withstand the week. She has recently joined the SandSculpt USA and PumpkinSculpt USA teams and looks forward to creating amazing sculptures that last in memories far longer than they last in life.


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